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    i am new to using adobe illustrator and i am getting super frustrated. no matter what i do when i go and save my image for the web, the edges get all pixelated. anybody know how how i can fix this?

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    what resolution is the initial image? are you going through Save for Web and highlighting the best for jpeg? If you're saving it for web what size are you going for? Is the preview different from the output? Sorry for the multitude of questions...

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    you want to make a shape behind the image you're working with, and color it the same color as the background of your web page. what's happening is that illustrator is making a transparent image and it starts to act funky. if you're using a white background, then it should be fine.

    it's kind of hard to articulate, so i've attached a quick example.

    ok. on the left apple, when i created the graphic, i put a black box behind it then i saved it for web. on the right apple, i just made the object and saved it for web. the pseudo transperancy just screws it all up.

    i'm not a web designer, but I hope this helps.

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