I am trying to make a book of text messages for my fiance. Currently I have tried using PhoneView to copy all the text messages from my iPhone to my Macbook Pro. I then want to use iPhoto to create a book of our SMS conversation. When using PhoneView to pull all the texts off of the iPhone, I am able to create a PDF of all the texts. I then used the selection tool to grab a section of the text bubbles and saved the selection as a JPEG. Following that, I then import the photos into iPhoto using the make a book section. When I put the picture onto one of the pages of the book, it doesn't show the entire picture and I'm not sure what to do. Also, I'm not sure how the quality of the pictures will look on the book using this method. Does anybody have any other ideas on how to create a printed book of texts from the iPhone keeping the text bubbles. Another question is that you can't pick the colors of the text bubbles using PhoneView and I'm stuck with purple and pink. Not my first choice.

Thanks for any help on the subject.