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    Art professor needs guidance

    I need to buy a new Mac, and need advice.

    In general, my demands are simple: word processing, presentations, video ripping and editing, photos, web surfing. No gaming. I am, however, beginning an art history book project which will demand that I examine color images and video in detail on my screen and have both a word processing app and a web browser open next to the images.

    As such, I'm guessing a 27" iMac would be the way to go, but am unsure how best to customize it. How can I ensure the most accurate and vivid image representation? Which CPU do you recommend? Am I better off getting a smaller Mac (iMac or or Powerbook) and simply adding a second monitor to it? If so, which one? Any help is much appreciated.


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    If you don't need the mobility then an iMac will work well for what you will be doing. If you are doing a lot of video editing then I would probably get the i7.

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    Thank you.
    Will do.

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