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    Smile Best software for face recognition
    Is there mac photo software that will sort photos by face recognition -- ie. everytime its me, it will put those photos in one location, everytime its my daughter, it will put those photos in another location, etc.

    what does it do if both myself & my daughter are in the same photo I wonder....

    I dont know if this exists, but it would be very cool if it did.

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    iPhoto has this.

    Open up iPhoto,
    Click the picture who has the face you want to have recognized,
    click the icon under the picture which says "name" under it,
    it will then analyze the picture and come up with frames around the faces,
    Click where it says "unnamed" and type in the name.

    a. Click "Done" if you are done adding faces,
    otherwise do step "b."
    b. If there is another face in there it didn't recognize, click "add missing face" drag and adjust the frame size to capture the missing face(s) and type in the name.

    In the sidebar find "Faces" click one of the pictures and the photos will come up with other possible matches beneath them.

    Hope that helped you!

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    fotobounce is another alternative
    If you don't have iPhoto 09 then another alternative is Fotobounce (free). It uses face recognition and has an easy transfer method to/from Facebook and Flickr.

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