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    JPG to PCX Images for old dos based game
    Firstly, apologies for this ridiculous question - especially when it's concerning such an old-skool game which is pushing 15 years old.

    Ok, i'll try and condense this the best way possible. Many years ago I loved to play a game called Championship Manager 97/98 on the PC. I soon learned that you could put your own background pictures into the game by saving a JPG image, changing the dimensions to 640x480, changing the images colour palette to a mere 63 (or maybe it was 64) before converting to a PCX which i'd save on my desktop. The size of each photo would be converted to approximately 300kb.

    For this simple method I used a programme called Advanced Batch Converter - i'm sure many do the job but this was the one I first tried and it worked so I continued to use it.

    Now fast forward many years later (say 2006 and still using a PC) and out of curiousity I tried the same routine - random photo from google, changed the size and colour and viola, it was in the game. Great.

    However since 2008 I have been converted to Mac. As of this very week i've just bought an IMac and of course i'm loving it. I thought i'd download the old Championship Manager 97/98 game again and coupled with 'Boxer' i've got it to work fine which is great for nostalgia.

    With that said, I thought i'd try adding some more of my own background images. I downloaded the Advanced Graphics Converter again (trial version 5.0) and despite it being a Windows programme I can get it to run through Wine'. So I go on google, find an image, save it to my desktop, open ABC, select the file, change the dimensions, colours, the file looks to be in/around the 300kb so I place it in the game folder, load the programme up and the game quits with an image error.

    I'm used to the error - it would always mean you'd done something wrong somewhere in the process and usually i'd go back, convert it again and rename it and it would work. This time it just simply won't work despite looking like the settings are all perfect.

    For what it's worth I still have all the old PCX photos that I converted back in the day (on a PC) on an external hard drive which DO work when I load the game up so it's not a case that PCX images won't show on a Mac because those ones are working fine. The issues is creating new PXC images on a Mac - or at least with the converter i'm using.

    Is this something perhaps to do with the resolution that the game is running in and/or something to do with a problem in generating specifically PCX images on a Mac or an issue with graphics being converted by a windows based program via an emulator of sorts (wine, darwine, dosbox etc)?

    If this is the case is there a similar program on the Mac where I can convert a JPG image to a PCX one and change the size and colour etc?

    I'm really not amazingly familiar with the ins and out of converting and graphics etc so if somebody - I know, slim chance - happens to have a possible answer please keep it as plain and simple as possible!

    I know it's a completely wild shot but thanks for reading this

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    Graphic converter can do that, you can also toggle the bit depth to 4 or 8 bit image

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    Thanks, such a simple suggestion but one that worked - Nice work, 10/10

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