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    How many of you still use 35mm cameras/film?
    Just asking because I recently bought a Canon EOS Rebel K2 35mm SLR Camera w/ EF 28-90 lens kit.

    I mean, I've been in the market for an SLR for quite some time, just never really pulling the trigger on one.

    Long story short, I found this baby for $30 brand new (on clearance) at a local retail store and thought it was too good to pass up.

    I've heard nothing but good things regarding this camera so figured it was worth a shot. I know some people still prefer 35mm over the digital format, especially with SLR's, but was just wondering what the popular opinion on this forum was?

    Anybody have experience with this camera? Again, for $30 brand new, I couldn't pass it up--regular price for it was $250.

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    I like shooting film sometimes. It's a lot of fun. I like having to really think about my subject and composition, as well as the process of manually fine tuning everything. Shooting film really makes you aware of your surroundings more than a DSLR camera because you really have to consider why you're taking the shot. After all, film isn't so cheap and processing isn't cheap either, even if you're doing it at home with your own chemicals.

    Also, there's just something about older lenses that I really like. Overall however, I like digital that much more.. because it really is flexible and affords opportunities which you might otherwise might not have had.

    LOL. .on the other hand, a small 35mm Pentax will rarely get you kicked out of a venue, or will rarely draw that much attention to you. They can be very stealthy, and if your a PJ, this is very important. Nothing screams "paparazzi" more than holding a big Ol' DSLR with a battery grip and a 70-200mm while waiting outside of a posh NYC hotel... *not that I've ever done that!*


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    I use 1983 soviet camera (Zenit). I am no pro but I really like doing it in my free time. As Doug said, it really makes you think more and I love the whole process

    Here are some of my pictures: Film - a set on Flickr

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    I agree, shooting film makes me slow down and really think about my composition before just firing away.

    I also love the results I get on film for some of my landscape shots, I bring my F100 on all my landscape shoots now.

    I am lucky enough to travel for work quite regularly but I often don't end up hauling along my heavy digital slr gear. I was given a leica M2 by a friend and I am setting it up as my travel camera. I can't wait to go do some "stealth" street photography on my next trip to Asia.

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