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Thread: Where can I find a good MacBook skin that meets my criteria?

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    Where can I find a good MacBook skin that meets my criteria?
    I am looking for a website that will allow me to design my own MacBook skin that has the Apple cutout and covers the entire back of the screen.

    Out of all the websites I've searched, it either covers the whole screen and doesn't have the Apple cutout, or it has the cutout but only covers the majority of the screen (which would leave a bunch of white space showing), or it does both, but only offers templates and doesn't give me the capability to design my own.

    I currently customized a skin from Unique Skins: Cell Phone Skins, Laptop Skins, IPod Skins, Gaming Skins, Mobile Phones Skins but it doesn't cover the whole thing and I am very disappointed. Having the beautiful apple shine through is a MUST, so is not leaving the white space like the skin I already have. Despite the fact that there are beautiful skins out there, I want my own! Call me picky.

    Does such a website even exist?
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    Yeah a bit picky try might do it for you
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    Might end up having to do it yourself. I would trace the Apple logo and then make a stencil from it. Then when you get your skin or whatever....line it up and cut it out. Think of it as a DIY project. ^-^"

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