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    iPhoto09 | Point iphoto to pictures folder on External Hard Drive
    1st time poster here./
    1st time user of a Mac (MacBookPro) and loving the smooth ride - many learning curves but much simpler than PC, no doubt.

    iphoto: (another learning curve - having used Picasa on PC as well as initially on the mac - but found it too clunky so going iPhoto all the way)

    At this time, I had been taking my images off the camera and saving to my pictures folder on my HP WHS

    'whs' > photos > 2009 > dated folders of pix

    when i first started using iphoto, i simply did a 'import to library' and viewed, edited, albumed, mobileme'd from iphoto. I found this workflow cumbersome.

    So, finally (excuse the long drawn post, please) my question:

    How do I tell iPhoto to get images from the WHS photo folder. I dont want to move the existing iphoto library on the MacBookPro HDD. But have iPhoto grab images from WHS. So that, (like in Picasa) anytime I add new images to the WHS folder, it automatically gets updated in iPhoto.

    Hope I make sense here



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    A "folder action" should be able to take care of this -- google up some websites devoted to "OS X Automator" and I suspect you will find that someone has already invented this wheel.

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    I'm a new user also. From what I understand and have been told, this can not be done. iPhoto creates its own "database". You can point iPhoto to the directory on your WHS but when your not connected to it, no pictures in iPhoto

    I also have a HP WHS and would like to do the same. This would have spaced on my Macbook drive.

    Hope this helped.
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