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    Is there a way to set up a pallet or change the color easier than what I'm doing. Unless I'm missing something changing the color of a fill or line is a 6 click step process! I click on the line or fill I want to change. I click on the line of fill icon. I click on on more colors. The color wheel pops up. I click the magnifying glass. I take the magnifying glass to the pallet I have created to use for my document (that I have inserted onto each page) and I click on the color. Surely there has got to be a better way to do this! Please help!

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    Select your text with the mouse, right click, select Font/Show Colors and pick your color.

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    Here's how I do it:

    1. Select line by clicking on it.
    2. In the Format bar, click on the colour.
    3. If the colour you want is NOT in the mini-palette, click on "More Colours"
    4. Drag magnifying glass to the colour you want.

    PS. Once the colour you want is selected, you can use the "More Colour" palette bar (which can be expanded greatly!) to store favourite colours for much easier future use.

    Here's an alternative way that takes fewer steps:

    1. Select line.
    2. Click "Colours" from the far right part of the title bar (next to "Fonts").
    3. Drag magnifying glass to the new colour (or pick from your expanded "favourite" pallette on the colour wheel)



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