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    Original photo date after time machine restore
    I have searched for this info but no luck, i'm sure it has been discussed before?
    I restored crudely from a back up(prior to Time machine) after a coffee cup crash and found all my iPhoto original jpegs had a new date in the metadata or info pane which was the date of restoring, not very useful for searching. I tried to fix it but gave up. Now my Dad has just had to restore from a TimeMachine backup with 10,000 plus images and has the same problem. Is there a way of retagging the images with their original date in bulk as opposed to trying to work that out manually?
    My Dad's backup shows some of his images within date bands that he must have created in iPhoto prior to his crash but the images within have the wrong dates in their data...
    We both run Snow leopard and have 12 month old macs.
    Any help appreciated, Thanks.

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