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Thread: backing up iPhoto to a Windows environment

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    Unhappy backing up iPhoto to a Windows environment
    Hello, I have a serious problem and I'm seeking advice.
    I DID Google for my issues, but the answers I found weren't anywhere convenient, so maybe you can help me with better advice.

    I have a MacBook with iPhoto, but it now is my secondary computer, my main PC is a Windows desktop.

    All my photos are stored on iPhoto in my Macbook because I love iPhoto. However, I need to back up my pictures to my Windows PC, especially because I won't have a mac forever. (but I'll always have a PC, no offense guys, just sayin...)

    But I'm not sure how to do that in any efficient way...:confused:

    Export all iPhoto picutres (modified versions) into a new folder structures, and copy the whole thing to Windows.
    Yes, I'll lose the originals versions that iPhoto keeps for me, but that's ok. I just want to save all my pictures in their present state.

    Using iPhoto "export" menu with all events selected.
    Why this is not good enough: When I do that, iPhoto exports all files from all events in the same folder, instead of creating a folder for each event.
    Why I can't backup each event individually: I have on average 40 events per year since 2003, so easily more than 200 events. Creating a new folder and re-exporting a different event over 200 times is WAY too much time consuming.

    I could simply go in the iPhoto library and copy the "Originals" folder.
    Why this is not good enough: I would lose the changes made to pictures, found in the "Modified" folder.

    I could simply go in the iPhoto library and copy the "Modified" folder.
    Why this is not good enough: I would lose 50% of my pictures which haven't been modified.

    Buy a Mac Pro.
    Why this is not good enough: I can totally NOT afford it. And dual-booting to play my PC games on Windows would be too much hassle.

    Can anyone provide me suggestions on what to do?? Thanks a lot!

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    iPhoto To Disk will convert your iphoto events into folders giving you the familiar tree structure you're used to in Windows.

    Not sure how it would handle the original vs. modified situation, but it would be a good start.

    Let us know if it works...

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