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    connecting macbook pro to lcd tv

    I have a macbook pro and I've tried to connect it to an lcd tv with an hdmi-dvi cable. The only thing that will come up on the tv screen is my desktop (minus the dock and icons). When I try to run a slide show in iphoto the computer shows it but the tv just continues to display the desktop picture and nothing more. Any ideas.


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    I suspect that the problem is simply that your Mac's monitor is still designated as the main screen. The menu bar and Dock only appear on the main screen. If you want them to appear on the TV go to System Preferences and Open the Displays preference pane. You should see two monitor icons one of which has a white bar at the top of it. Drag the white bar to the top of the other screen.

    If you don't want everything to appear on the TV drag the programs that you want to appear on the TV over to that screen. For example to run a slideshow there drag it onto that screen first. The next time it is launched iPhoto will remember which screen it was running on. This article might explain things better. ATPM 14.12 - How To: Taming the Two-headed Monster: Using Two Monitors With Your Mac

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