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    Photoshop CS4 Expired License
    Hey everyone
    i didn't really know where to go to find help with this, so i came here. So, anyway, i used to have that beta (i think) version of Photoshop CS4, the one that expired on Jan 1, 2009. Until I updated my macbook to Snow Leopard, Little Snitch kept that working for me, but when i installed SL, i forgot to open little snitch first. Since then, it stopped working.

    I've tried uninstalling it, reinstalling it, uninstalling it again with AppCleaner, but no matter what i do, whenever i reinstall it and try to open it, a window comes up saying "Licensing for this product has expired." and the only thing i can click on is 'OK'.

    So, Here is my question. How can i completely remove photoshop from my computer in a way that lets me reinstall it and be able to use the trial? (any hidden files to delete?)
    thanks in advance

    P.S. Sorry this question is cluttered and hard to read

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    Sounds like it is time to go ahead and purchase your own copy.

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