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    Smile Photoshop conflicts!!!! Ouch, those hurt....
    Can anyone please help.. i'll be your friend. :doctor:

    I've been using photoshop 6 on my G4 powerbook running OSX. Whenever I open photoshop, system9 automatically opens. Usually this is ok, but currently there's something wrong with my 9 that says I need to restart. Can I re-install photoshop so that it opens in OSX? Or would later Photoshop versions aoutomatically open OSX?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated- currently I cannot open photoshop at all.

    Many thanks!


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    photoshop 6 is not os x compatible. what error message, if any are you getting when classic is opening? if you have the discs that came with your pbook? if so, you can reinstall classic support if you need to.

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