Hey folks. I could really use some help with some Photoshop version 9 (part of Adobe CS2) upgrade disks I purchased recently.

I bought a bunch of computer stuff from a guy locally...and along with it came some Photoshop version 9 (CS2) upgrade disks.

From the research I've done you're suppose to be able to upgrade using these disks to Photoshop version 9 from version 5.5 & higher.

Here's the unknown part on my end. I was told by the guy I bought them from that in order to use these disks (and have them install properly)...you need to have a valid older version of Photoshop already installed on your computer.

So when you insert the upgrade CD I have, it will search the hard drive for the previous version of Photoshop (along with a valid 24 digit serial number)...and then the install will start.

But then someone else told me that I needed two sets of serial numbers for these upgrade CD's to work. The serial number from the old version of Photoshop installed on a users computer, and a serial number for the upgrade...so two sets of serial numbers.

These upgrade disks are brand new, never installed, never registered, still has the seal on them...but they did not come with any serial numbers.

My plan was to sell these on Craig's List or eBay...but I certainly don't want to sell them if they won't install properly.

You Photoshop users out there (or Adobe products users)...please let me know what the "real deal" is.


- Nick


Here's some photos to help with what I'm talking about: