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    A good Mini-dv camera guys?
    I am looking for a reliable mini-dv camera. Can anyone recommend one?

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    Well I just got a refurb Sony HC20 for cheap ($250) at the Sony Outlet and I am pretty happy with it. If you are a gadget freak or a video fan DO NOT BUY THIS model. This is a straight ahead "entry level" cam with good video recording and no frills. The HC21 is also but it has the 20x optical zoom.

    I did try out the Canon ZR-100 and I liked the way it looked but I did not like the way it filmed. There was considerable noize when recording. Picture wise it was good but in low light situations it did not do well at all. ZR-200 I tried only for a few at the local Best Buy and it seemed like it was the same as the ZR-100 only with a few more options.

    I did try a Panasonic GS-31 at Best Buy that I thought was really good. But seeing I'm not going to be using this Mini-DV much at all (only for a few events coming up and some vacation stuff) I could no justify spending over $300. I think the Panasonic was like $400. The optical zoom was fantastic! 26x

    it all depends on your budget and what you are going to use it for. for me i just wanted one that "filmed". I almost spent $400 but when I heard that the Sony Outlet had 40 HC20's at $250 I was sold...

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    Samsung CD107, 3.5" screen, nice FX, image stablizer, nite pix, i really do like it. The software you get with it is worthless, but its for windows so theres why.

    i love the cam personally, i make a ton of movies with it, run em thru magic bullet suite, and they look like film.

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    I have the SCD103 from samsung , it's pretty much the same as the CD107 as madskillz listed , i love mine as well it's a great camera , i bought mine for 280 ish brand new , here is a link for pictures/review Click the cd107 looks similar .

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    my friend just got the Sony HC42. We both tried it out and tested it, etc... and he is returning it today to exchange it for the HC32. He needs those extra options that the HC21 does not have. But comparing the HC42 to my discontinued HC20..... there was NO difference in video taping quality. Even in low light conditions.

    We filmed the same things and played them back on the same TV and iMac. Same picture. We went as far as burning a short iMovie project and compared DVDs. Same.

    The only thing that the HC42 has that the 21/32 does not have is the Analog to digital conversion option. I could use that but my friend has no use for it. So he rationalized the HC42 is a waste of money since the picture quality was no better than my HC20. He picked the HC32 over the HC21 as he needed the extra options of the HC32.

    So I'd say stay away from the HC42 if you are looking at a Sony, its not worth the money. If you need Analog to Digital passthru then maybe look at the JVC or Panasonic models that are a lot cheaper and offer more than the HC42.

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