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    Question Changing Icon's

    This might sound stupid but i have a folder for my University Work and i want to change the icon from the normal folder icon to something a little more exciting to look at.

    However, i have had a look round and still cannot find how to do it?!?!?!

    I might just be having a stupid moment but i would really apprechiate if someone could tell me how to do this.

    And, where i can find some cool icons?


    Chris. :yinyang:

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    There's a couple of ways to do this. You can: A) take an image and copy it to the clip board, then click on the folder and (either) "get info" or "command I". Then click the little picture and hit paste. OR B) download a program like CandyBar and use that to change your picture. If you can't figure out the latter, just ask. Good luck.

    Edit: I forgot to say that there are a bunch of little apps that you can download to customise a folder. Most can be found at a place like, or such. This is if you want to add text to the front of the folder (but I personally just like to use a picture).

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