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    Picture Project to iPhoto
    I purchased my first Mac product, a Mac Book, in January this year and have been using Picture Project to download pictures from my Nikon camera. Then I started using iPhoto so now I have pictures in Picture Project and iPhoto but I would like to converge them all into iPhoto for ease of use. Is it easy enough to do this and if so how? (I like to be able to do some editing which is what i used Picture Project for... Any advice concerning this scenario, and keeping pictures organized, would be appreciated.)

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    O.K., first question. Are you saying you have different photos in PP and in iPhoto? Or are some photos in both places? The method of merging them may be different based on the answer. You could simply use iPhoto's import function to import from PP folder by folder to keep your structure intact.

    As far as organizing them in iPhoto -- the app does a great job on its own. But you can tweak it some yourself. For instance, create a Folder for "Vacations", then choose photos of each vacation and make an album of, say, "Hawaii 2008", another for "New York 2009", etc. and then put those albums in the Vacation folder.

    You can also use keywords and smart albums. Give one or more keywords to each photo as you import. Then create smart albums that use those keywords, and the photos will automatically be put into the correct album. All automatic! And, you will almost instantly be able to locate any specific photo you want.

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