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    Create Chinese document in InDesign
    The company I work for often translates our English brochures into Spanish and Russian. It has been very easy, we just receive a Russian or Spanish word document from a translator which I then paste into Indesign and as long as I use Arial or Times as the font, all the characters appear in the language as they should.

    My question is would this be any different for Chinese? I have some fonts that are Chinese looking but they appear in English if I try to use them. Any thoughts?

    If I get a document in Chinese, paste it into InDesign will it retain those special characters?

    Any thoughts on how to correctly make a document into Chinese is what I need to know. Thanks

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    I can't help too much, but I know that many, many Chinese characters are correctly proportional in the font of "SimSum". I don't know if there's a space in between Sim and Sum or not, but it's what most of the characters are on a pc.

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