Hi Everyone,
I am a new Mac user and I am at the end of my rope with this Iphoto program and its stupid bugs / catalogue system. Last night I edited a couple of pictures using the duplicate command. They appeared in my event / photo listing and looked great. I was even able to compare them side by side. I added them to two albums and flagged them both.

Today, I go to fire iPhoto up and they are nowhere to be found. After searching through the stupid iPhoto library in finder in the modified folder, I find them both sitting there, with the extension names that I gave them. When I try to drag and drop back into iPhoto I get the following message:

The following file could not be imported. (The file is in the Iphoto library)

/Users/coleo/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Modified/2009/4-Jul-09/IMG_3454_2 Copy.jpg

I can see the picture perfectly in the viewer, but cannot get it into Iphoto. Does anyone have any clue as to what is happening here?

Thanks in advance.