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    iPhoto won't let me import any of my pictures
    Ok, I was trying to import pictures from our camera into iPhoto and while they were importing a message popped up saying the start up disc was full. So we started deleting pictures from our library that we didn't want anymore while the other photos were still importing. Eventually it quit importing the photos and after that it wouldn't let us import any pictures at all. At this point if we try to import pictures after a little bit a message pops up saying that the files are unreadable. I know the pictures are on my computer I just can't get them on iPhoto. How do I fix this? I would really appreciate any help!

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    Sometimes I have a similar problem when downloading pics from my XD card reader. But I can connect my Olympus camera directly to my MacBook and everything works ok. My Compact Flash card from my Canon works great with the card reader connected to the MacBook. I have not tried another card reader, but the card reader works ok when connected to my Dell desktop with the XD card.
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    Hey I think it's a very common or what???
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    Ok, When you get the "Start Up Disk is full" (if you have not already known) Message Put all your files on your (if you have one) External HD and or Flash Drive Delete All Files (Including, Music, Photos, Videos, Applications, Documents, Other, Downloaded) That You Don't need more pay any attention to. That is a Key For Mac, in order for excellent running and good memory you need to keep your mac clean. I also Suggest You Fix your Disk Utilities (Spot Light Search "Disk Utility" Then Select Your "Macintosh HD" or w/e u called your HD and then select at the bottom "Repair Disk Permissions") Also another great app is "OnyX" To clean up and repair your system. Also For the Files not importing. Are They RAW TIFF JPEG???? Again it may be a reading error. if it continues delete with "AppCleaner" and Reinstall fro Mac's Web.

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