I think the computer industry (mac's included) is falling behind the times with voice memo's. More and more I and other people use voice as a means of communication on the computer.

My telephone messages come in my email, I have audio books in itunes, I have instructional video in my movies folder & I would like to be making voice memo's for my photos & would like to be sending many more voice emails. The later 2 are being stopped due to software restrictions.

There needs to be an OS level voice recognition software & application level support for audio (which integrates the voice recognition for easy searching and skimming) I really hope the next OS makes steps in this direction.

So, this is what my world would look like.

I get a voice message in my email, the mail recognizes it as a voice message & treats it diffrently. The voice part of it is the main part. If there is name & number that is recognized. At the bottom of the email there is a text representation of the email for searching and skimming purposes.

If I want to send a voice message to someone, I can hit the "Voice Record" button in my mail client and it will record the message and send it via email. If there is no meaningful description of the voice message that comes trough in the email, the first words of the email are displayed for easy list skimming.

My voice memo's my camera lets me take are attributed photos in iPhoto & the text encoding is added to the description.

My audio books & recorded lectures in itunes are text encoded and the result is added to a separate file for ease of searching.

When I am editing recorded audio, don't want a "PRO" application like Final Cut, & Locic is too basic functions for voice editing. Apple should have a "simple" voice editing application used for VOICE MEMO'S, Lectures and the like. It allows to delete certain sections, clean up audio and the like. All other functions of the current applications DELETED. No fancy music stuff or audio sounds. Likewise, when editing the audio file, the text recognition of it should be below and allowed to be selected and perhaps edited. If I want to remove pauses & 'Uuuuus' and hummmms and coughs, I should be able to see them in TEXT and delete them from there, without even hearing the audio. Or, I should be able to see the TEXT of the audio and delete irrelevant sections of it. Then iTunes integration would be good, so it can just be ported to iTunes.

The notes application takes notes in both audio and text format. Audio format is automatically converted to text for easy searching and skimming.

My documentaries & instructional videos should have text renditions of the movie available for searching. If there is subtitles, they should be displayed. If there is not, Apple Should do its best to text encode the audio & display its best.

These steps would also be a HUDGE step forward in Accessibility, which I think would clearly put mac in the most visually impaired friendly & audio impaired friendly machine on the planet.

Just my thoughts. I think these ideas are probably not new & really think mac & other vendors are behind in implementing them. Just because we have been using computers with a primarily text based system does not mean we have to continue to do so. I think there should be a merger that starts to happen between text and audio, so more often than not, they can be exchanged. At least in some circumstances.

My 2 cents.

Dr. Sassafras