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Thread: New MacBook pro and Illustrator

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    New MacBook pro and Illustrator
    Hi, I am planning to purchase the new MacBook pro 13inch. Most of my work revolves around CS4 application in windows. So I wanted to make sure CS4 would work in Mac before I buy one. And then I came across this.

    Adobe CS4 will be 64-bit, but only on Windows | Betanews

    Now, considering that will Adobe Illustrator CS4 and other CS4 products work in the new MacBook Pro? The macbooks are x64 right?

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    >_>" Umm it will work I have CS4 for my Mac, and it runs flawlessly.

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    So the Adobe CS4 appz are backward compatible?

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    Adobe CS4 for Mac is currently 32-bit.

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    Adobe CS4 has always run in 32bit or 64bit depending on the platform on which they are run. Not everyone has Vista 64bit, which is the ONLY platform they support for 64bit operation at the time of their faq (which I assume is current; see: Adobe Photoshop CS4: FAQ)

    CS4 is 32bit/64bit for windows (32bit for XP, vista 32. 64 for vista 64bit) and 32bit for OSX until they've completed their rewrite of the program to cocoa where they will then support 64bit for osx as well (also discussed in the faq)

    As CrimsonRequiem pointed out - CS4 works perfectly well on osx.

    lol, I was typing my response and getting the link while true bassist was posting theirs
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