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Thread: Printing Photo's, multi views on one sheet

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    Printing Photo's, multi views on one sheet
    I have several printers from Canon's i9900 inkjet, HP & Samsung laser.
    Photo software from iphoto, Aperture, CS3, DPP, but I can't see the options like I used to have with PC that is now dead for the moment.

    I want to be able to select the position which image goes where is the key.

    I just discovered iPhoto does have it. Guess I never took it far enough.

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    Mar 17, 2009
    That's interesting, never guessed I was the only one using this type of feature.

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    how can i do that on iphoto?
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    Quote Originally Posted by kemzo View Post
    how can i do that on iphoto?
    multi image layout:

    Go to any file of images in iPhoto

    Select first image / border of image is now highlighted

    Command / Click - any following images so that 3 or your choice of now have highlighted borders.

    Now chose Print icon

    Menu drop down box appears

    Make sure your printer is selected and proper paper choice
    if you plan to follow through and print the end result.

    I chose my Canon i9900 & Plain Paper.
    I like to save photo paper for final output and practice with plain paper.
    I can then save this document in my folder for the printer and write notes
    on the back as to these steps taken.

    When your 50 something, it's easy to forget.

    I then make printer setting for plain paper and the lightest color output to save ink as well.

    What you see in the link is the set up just prior to print.

    Back to the Drop Down menu:
    You will see one of the images you highlighted prior along with a menu
    choice of settings on the left for 5 options for layout THEME types.

    When you select any of the 5, the inset image will show example previews.
    I chose 'Simple Mat' in the link of sample you saw.

    Other options in drop down box are:
    Paper size
    Print Size

    The image showing in menu box will also show how many images
    are in the stack as ' 1 of 3 '. You can verify the stack here.

    The last feature in the menu box under image sample is:

    A new window appears.
    Here you have several options that let you sort the order at top of page.

    One option just discovered is image zoom when you click on the image
    in preview. I did not use this at this time, but it looks like a slick option.

    You clicked on image in preview, and now icons are active at bottom of window.
    You now have several options:
    Print Settings
    Themes - Same options that were seen in drop down box.
    TIP: Be sure standard is not chosen, or you will not get the option in 'Layout' mode to add other images.

    Backgrounds - Shades of grey white and black.
    Borders - 6 options

    Layout - Once you have chosen THEME and picked any of options other than standard,
    you will now see after clicking on Layout that a pop-up menu lets you pick several styles as you hover mouse over all the possibilities.

    Now with assembled multi view, you have the option of dragging any of
    the images in that view in the frame to the position you prefer.

    Here is where after I was satisfied with layout sample as you saw in link,
    I then took a screen shot saved to desktop by default.
    Then re-saved and titled to file as a jPeg for Flickr.

    Remaining options at bottom of page.
    Image adjustment

    Well, This may be a little winded, but that's about as real time as I can illustrate my view to what you see.

    The screen shot action I always use:
    This works slick for many things.
    You can have multiple images or objects on the desktop and make a group shot of them.

    I also use this option to take a shot of crash reports that are not otherwise recordable.

    Good Luck,
    and lets see a sample.

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    Aperture does this much easier and is much more powerful and flexible.
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