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    Viewing Adjustment Layer Content

    I was just wondering how one would go about viewing the composition of an adjustment layer after the fact. I am trying to view the exact composition of Selective Coloring and Curves layers on PSCS3 and cannot for the life of me figure it out. Thanks for anyone who can help!

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    i dont know exactly what you mean but curves is in Image>Adjustments> Curves
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    I mean this:

    I made a graphic using the adjustment layers I mentioned above. Later on someone asked me to recreate what I did, but I have no idea how to look at my adjustment layers again to see what settings I had for them, i.e. the red levels, etc. Do I just have to recreate the settings by eye?

    Hope this made things clearer .

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    If you already flattened the image you can't go back in look at it. But if you saved it as a PSD file without flattening the image then just open the image and go to the layers tab and find that adjustment layer and check your settings.

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    I know how you feel Lotrfan 185, I've done this a few times just playing around with images then looking at it the next day and thinking how did I do that! (and not saved re: Phototini).

    what's surprising is when I have ago at recreating it step by step things do come back to me' it's not going to be spot on but worth a try the only weapon you've got I would think for some accuracy is the eye dropper tool to pick out colours from original, good luck.
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