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    Photoshop : Can't Move/Resize PNG Files
    I do digital scrapbooking. I use Photoshop Elements 6 to make my pages and I use png picture elements. In Windows I had no on my Mac I can get the png image (not my photos, but digital elements) into the project, but it tells me it must be simplified before I can do anything. This means I can't do anything to the image and it just lands where it lands. It's on a separate layer so I don't know what I am doing wrong.

    Any advice?

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    I got this from the Photoshop Elements 6 User guide which can be downloaded from the link below. I hope this helps!


    Simplify a layer
    You simplify a smart object, frame layer, type layer, shape layer, solid color layer, gradient layer, or pattern fill layer (or a layer group imported from Photoshop) by converting it into an image layer. You need to simplify these layers before you can apply filters to them or edit them with the painting tools. However, you can no longer use the type- and shape-editing options on simplified layers.
    1. Select a type layer, shape layer, fill layer, or a Photoshop layer group in the Layers palette.
    2. Simplify the layer or imported layer group:
      • If you selected a shape layer, click Simplify in the options bar.
      • If you selected a type, shape, or fill layer, or a Photoshop layer group, choose Simplify Layer from either the Layer menu or the Layers palette More menu.
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    Sorry, perhaps I was not clear.... I don't want to simplify it...that's the problem. To simplify it makes it un-editable and I want to be able to manipulate it. It it just automatically simplifying the image. I want to be able to resize the image (a flower or a frame for example) and move it where I want it but the program keeps telling me it must be simplified and that makes it un-editable.

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