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    iPhoto / RAW - Duplicates?
    Hey guys,
    quick question..

    When I go out and take RAW photos on my camera, do I JUST have to drag the files from the memory card to iPhoto, or should I drag the folder in my Photo's (or wherever) folder aswell?

    What im asking is, are my RAWs duplicated when I drag them into iPhoto?

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    The pictures in your camera are stored in a the "Originals" folder within the iPhoto Library. The best way (I think!) to import, however, is to do the following from the menu
    File>Import to Library and then browse to and select the folder containing the photos on the camera's memory card attached to your Mac, and hit Import. You don't need to select each of the individual photos if you want to import all them. After the import is successful the photos are copied to the "Originals" folder in the iPhoto Library on your Mac.
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