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    time & date stamping program for photos
    Hello, I am in search of a program as these for Mac. Yes I would like to stamp my photos with the time and date on them. Batch importing a must and program has to be a user-friendly program for a knob like me. Would be nice if there was a third party Iphoto app. Please anybody with any information let me know. Gotta have another person in the same boat as me?


    SnipClik : Utility dedicated mainly to digital camera users : Features

    Insert shooting date stamp, imprint EXIF data onto photo - Better JPEG

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    iPhoto does all these things and is very user friendly. It is packaged with iWeb and iMovie and is relatively inexpensive at $79. You can also try Open Source Mac - Free Mac software, all open-source, all OS X. for other ideas that might do what you want for free.


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    If all you want is the date (and maybe the time) to show on your photos, there should be a setting on your camera to do that. Or are yu talking about not showing on the camera, but on your computer? That should be automatic as well with whatever software program you are using.

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