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    How to add a font in OSX
    Hi ,

    I am new to Mac OSX, I would like to add a font to OSX so I may use it Indesign but I have no font management application. Can someone advise where to place the font. Its not a .dfont. I did try placing them in library/fonts, user/library fonts but it never works. I understand a font application is the right way but money dictates my problem right now. I hope someone can assist.


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    There is always font book. Which comes with OSX.

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    Well, typically your font comes in a .zip or .rar compressed file, so obviously unpack it first.

    Then open up the Finder and go into Macintosh HD > Library > Fonts. Just drag it into that folder or copy and paste it into that folder. I find it much more simple than installing a font on Windows.

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    If you are using InDesign and want a proper font manager give the free version of Font Explorer a go

    What extension is on the font file you downloaded.
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    Just double click the font. Should open the font book am i right?
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    Thanks to everyone that responded to my initial request. As a learning curve I tried them all with some success.

    The font I have is a linotype library full family font, accompanied with PS1 outline files and AFM files. I copied these files to library/fonts but they work only after a restart..

    I then installed the free Linotype FontExplorerX123. After installation it fails to launch at all. I still am not sure why, perhaps I donít meet the correct pre-requisites. I will have a look for a minimum spec on internet and retry. I have OSX10.3.0 which needs updating. I will do this when I get a second.

    Lastly I found font book in OSX which works and I have a solution, but I learnt something. If you remove the collection from font book and attempt to add the font in again, you cannot as the family file no longer exists. Font book takes the family files uses them at the adding stage, then removes them from the original font folder, so you must use a copy and keep the original font elsewhere. And then once removed you must log out of the user and back in again before you can add the font again. Is this normal?

    Thanks once again to all of you. Ritchiec

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