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    Question Photo emailing with Apple/Mac

    I'm new here and I need help from Apple/mac users. I hope this is the correct section to post this. If not I apologize

    I take care of a local car club website. There is one member of the club who I am pretty sure uses an apple/mac computer. He has emailed me photos twice and when I get the photos they are only 320x240 which is too small for what I need. I asked him if this was the size his camera was taking and he said no that they were much larger pictures.

    I use a pc and know nothing about apple/macs, hense that is why I am here. When I get his emails, in the subject line it says "19 great iPhotos" (which is why I think he has an apple/mac.) I don't know what he is doing to cause these pictures to be downsized when emailing. The guy is in his 70's and I don't think knows a whole lot about computers. What I am looking for is someone to give me simple instructions to pass on to him so when he emails the photos I get the original size not the resized ones. Is there a way to email photos that doesn't require using iPhoto or is there something he needs to do with iPhoto to get the original size to me?

    Is there someone here that can help me out I would really appreciate it.

    Thanks you

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    You can tell your friend to look in the bottom "Right hand corner" of his email window AFTER he drops a photo in it and there is a menu that lets you select the size.. It won't be there till a photo is in the email window. If he is clicking on the email button from inside iPhoto a pop up will give him a chance to select the Max size there, He should select Actual Size and then when his email opens up he should select Actual Size again inside his email window as the size to send the photo in....
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    If he is using the email button from within iPhoto itself, a dialog box will pop up asking what size. Tell him to choose the larger size (whatever your criteria are).

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    Thanks for the help. I will try to explain it to him

    Thanks again

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