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    looking at two cameras
    not ready for a dslr, just want to take functional images. would like to get a camera to compliment a decent cell phone camera combination. use the cell phone for point and shoot and one of the below cameras for situations where you know you will be taking pictures:

    casio exilm ex-f1
    hi speed, good video still

    panasonic lumix dmcFz1
    lower cost, good zoom, close up?

    anyone used these camera's

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    Go with the Lumix. Why? Because it has a Leica lens, and, Leica makes the best lenses out there.

    Oh, and an admin might move this to the Imaging forum.
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    I have very good experience with the Casio Exilim series. Great camera and VERY durable. I now have a dslr but my mom uses the casio now, and still works perfectly. I like the pocket size and very light weight camera.

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    I keep a Sony DSC-W120 in my car a lot, in case I need it.

    My dSLR and lenses don't fit in the glove box as easily.

    It was the best camera I could find for low-light (high ISO3200 is clean!), small size, and under $200.
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    I am very much an amateur when it comes to photography... I use a Nikon Coolpix S600 and I am happy with the quality of the pictures and how easy it is to operate.

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