I'm trying to upgrade my iPhoto library from iPhoto05 to iPhoto09 (and to put it on my new macbook). I move to 05 library to an extern HDD and open the same from iPhoto09. Then I'm prompted for converting the 05 library to 09. I do this. But, then when I look at the photos in the library in iPhoto09 the dates of some of the photos have changed :-( I haven't yet examined this in detail but it might look like it's the last edited date that is used/displayed in iPhoto instead of date taken.
Is this a known issue? I've searched for it without luck but it seems like an issue a lot of people would have. Am I doing something wrong? Last step I do btw, is to copy the converted library from the HDD to my macbook, but that step shouldn't matter I guess.
Thanks for any help!!