Im not sure if this is thread for the graphics or hardware sections but I'll give it a try here first..

I do web design (is that correct grammar?) using a macbook pro connected to a 20" cinema monitor which I use as my main workspace.

They are different generations so the screens are fundamentally different which I can live with, but there is a different in colour display which is actually a bit of a bugger to work with as Im not sure what Im using as a point of reference when picking colours.

The odd thing is, when I drag files across from one monitor to the next, until I release the file in its new area, it retains the colour makeup from the first monitor, but as soon as I release it, it adopts that of the second monitor (this works both ways)
This suggests to me that both monitors can indeed display consistently across all work, but there is a setting somewhere thats overriding with something else.

Ive been through the callibration utilities and am a bit lost really.
I actually didnt understand them which wasnt a great start..

Anyway, has anyone had any success matching up two monitors like this?
Any pointers?

Many thanks