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    Help with choice of fisheye converter
    I'm looking for a fisheye converter, mostly for some unique portraiture concepts I have in mind. What I want to know is should I go for a 0.25x or 0.42x? I'm not really sure what the differences are, so if someone could explain that, it'd be handy too. I guess one day I'll be buying a fisheye lens, but for now the converter will do. My current lenses are: Canon 18-55mm, 75-300mm, Tamron 90mm.
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    Why not get both? Both might come in handy. I.E, you want the fisheye effect but not as strong as the .42x. See what I mean? Of course, if budget limitations don't allow this, go for the .42x.
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    I'd never heard of a fisheye converter, looks neat. I have a 10.5mm Nikkor.
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