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    Looking for a new Photo Forum
    is this a legit photo forum with real photographers who offer CC and advice and things like this? I'm looking for a new photo forum because "" keeps banning me for no reason..

    is this place what i'm looking for?

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    You could post here, but these forums don't seem to be as active as those at or

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    thanks, i'll check out those mentioned

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    the canon forum is a great web site, lots of talent and information. another one to try is PhotoCamel - Your Friendly Photo Forum. Photocamel is good but way out of my league. Way to professional for me to post a lot of pictures.

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    I would recommend my forum, but to be honest, I don't see a forum banning anyone "for no reason". There has to be something.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fleurya View Post
    I would recommend my forum, but to be honest, I don't see a forum banning anyone "for no reason". There has to be something.

    your very right.. they banned me for being "too honest" with people.. they would post photos, i would tell them what was wrong with them, and they thought i was being to harsh... meanwhile, I was just trying to help people improve...

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    Are you looking for a free forum or paid forum? I can give you a link to a paid forum that is excellent, but it costs 19.67 a month.

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    Actually, I remember the mods giving a completely different reason. Those lying, cheating, fatherless children.

    why did i get banned this time? - The Photo Forum - Photography Discussion Forum

    Try MyCanikon

    But it’s fairly small and laid back over there.
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    FWIW, if you were talking about our members here the way you were over there, you wouldn't be on this forum very long either.

    When you're shopping forums, your first stop should be the forum rules. The forum rules lay down the framework for the community. If you see things like "no profanity", "family friendly" and the like, chances are it's going to be highly moderated (much like this one is). With that said, there are plenty of forums that are much more laid back - perhaps that's what you need.

    For the record, criticizing someone's work is fine and dandy handy here - provided that it's constructive and doesn't turn into a flame war. But to describe members as a "punk-*** kid" would certainly lead to a suspension here.
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