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    New here with question about FONTS/Photoshop/Font Book
    OK...I will first admit that I am from the PC world. I have never used a Mac. I have toyed with the idea of switching when it is time for my next build but for now it is all foreign to me.

    Here is the deal. I have my assistants Imac before me now. I can totally not understand how to associate the fonts that are already loaded on the computer with Photoshop CS4 and how also to download new fonts. Her computer is just a few months old so I am sure it should be running the latest OS. There are fonts installed that I see in the "Font Book" that do not load when CS4 is used. Why? Someone told me that I needed a separate program that costs between $75 to $120 to use them or download new fonts for Photoshop? Really? Surely not? Can anyone help me get this fixed?

    A little more info. in case it will help. If I go to 1001 free fonts and choose any font...I choose the Mac version and double click it and it pops up a downloads folder with what I am assuming is the newly downloaded font...a SIT file. I don't know what to do with this file. I can't open it or drag it into the "font book". It doesn't do anything. Where am I going wrong. It really can't be this difficult.

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    Firstly, welcome to the forums

    While fontbook is a great basic font manager it is not really up to the task if you do a lot of graphics work and need to have a large font library

    AS for fonts in os x , it can handle just about any font you throw at it, including older Macintosg Truetype (TTF and postcsript fonts, as well as windows truetype and the cross platform open type fonts (oft)

    Here is my preprepared answer to you problems, and it's free

    Both mac and pc fonts will work in os x

    If you are going to start loading quite a few fonts, font book is not the best app, the free font explorer is much much better

    If you really want to manage your fonts well I suggest the suitcase (another font management tool - not free) guide to best font practices in OS X (the guide is free)

    Extensis - Downloads

    Just substitute use Suitcase with use Linotype FontExplorer
    edit - I have found out that the latest version is not free - but you can still download the older free version from Linotype
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