Hi all,
I recently had a mishap with my Hard drive. After speaking to Apple support they were able to locate some of my pictures and we were able to get it back into I-Photo. After a few days i opened up I-photo and all i got was a blank picture with a frame around it and an exclamation mark in each picture.
Again, after speaking to AC, they had me rebuild my thumbnails, etc... everything that had to do with repairing I-Photo.

Anyhow, now to the problem. All my pictures somehow defaulted to 360 x 270 and when i double click on them, they are small and they do not take up the window like they used to. I get black on the right and left side of the pictures.

I have tried to revert to the original but that does not seem to work either.
Some of the pictures taken were at least 2 MB and most of them now show anywhere between 45 KB and 250KB.

Did this destroy my pictures or is there way of getting them back to how they were.

I have now learned to back up my items but i would still like to have a nice I-photo selection.

Any input would be appreciated . THank you