I'm kinda in need of a flashgun.
And I'm really torn between the Nikon SB600 speedlight which is my prefered choice. And the Sigma EF 530DG.
I know that the sigma doesn't have the same remote capability with the iTTL as the SB600 but I have a set of remotes that I can use anyway.

The problem is, The SB600 is 190 and I can get the sigma for 115.

Money is a little tight at the moment but I'm shooting my best friends wedding soon and although I probably won't need flash for the ceremony, I might for the evening do. And as weddings tend to be a one shot deal, I'd like to be ready for all eventualities.

Anybody got any experience with these flashes. In particular the Sigma. I've got an SB600 I've borrowed off a friend but he needs it back before the wedding..