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    How can i get French type?
    I'm trying to make up a business card is there any way of getting a selection of fonts with French characteristics such as the hyphen under the 'c' and the 'e'. Etc...

    Thanks Ru

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    you mean accents é

    All fonts have basic accents, you can find them in the character palette that can be switched on in International preference > Input. Then you can access the character palette from the map icon in the menu bar
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    But wait, he said "under" the c and e. Press option-c to get ç. Otherwise, enable the French keyboard in International preferences. And make sure you show it in the menubar!

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    You can also under the flag icon in the menu bar turn on keyboard viewer and see how to quickly get the characters you need. The alt/option button can give you lots of rarely used characters. The yellow keys in keyboard viewer when holding alt/option are accents to be used with other letters.

    If you are making the Biz card in Illustrator go to Window > Type > Glyph Shows everything, every character the font has.

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    Accents in many other languages
    I found this some times ago. i posted this on the OS forum. Rainer Brockerhoff :: USInternational
    It works very well in french, spanish, dutch,hungarian and many many others.
    The good thing is that you enable it on the top as us international, and can continue to use your keyboard without changing anything.

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