Hey folks,

I'm considering taking classes toward a Bachelor's in Graphic Design at the Sanford-Brown Vienna campus. I had a tour of their tiny campus yesterday. They actually appear to have a decent program for Graphic Design, but I've found very little info about them on the net. They're sort of below the radar. I believe they may have taken over Gibbs College, which occupied that space in the 2007-08 academic year, making them sort of new. I already have a Bachelor's in general studio art at Goucher, which I know is a good school, but am lacking in a lot of graphic design skills and think a second degree would help me.

If anybody has anything good or bad to say about either of those schools (SB or Gibbs), I'd like to know before giving my money, time and academic reputation over to them.

In general, whiners and complainers tend to speak up more on forums like these I think, so I really want to encourage positive comments if there are any. And if you have/had a negative experience with them, certainly please speak up too. I definitely need to know, despite my preceding comment.

How were the classes? Were the faculty helpful? How about the staff? Did this help you find work or not? This is a nationally accredited school as opposed to regional. I believe the latter gets more respect. Is it worth considering this type of accreditation?


Oh yeah! I'm specifically interested in the Vienna, VA campus, but comments about Sanford-Brown in general are certainly welcome.

Thanks again.