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Thread: Mass images

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    Mass images
    Hi, I write because i am looking for a program that imports in mass simple images (jpeg, bmp etc) and creates for each of them an image 4 times bigger, composed by the original image copied and mirrored.

    Let me explain: in the final image, in the top left there is the original image, in the top right the original image mirrored by the vertical axis and in the bottom these 2 images mirrored by the horizontal axis.

    Do you know a program that do this, apart from photoshop?

    I don't want to install photoshop because I already use fireworks for all the common graphical operations.

    Thank you

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    Have you tried Adobe Bridge to work on the images?

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    no, but i go to try, thanks

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    so you have bridge and not photoshop? in photoshop you can just create an action and than have it run on any number of files, that is where Bridge comes into play, since you can select specific images and not just the whole folder, I'm not sure if bridge has anything that will do what you need by itself, it's automate calls photoshop as far as I know

    there probably isn't a program that does this specific thing

    I'm not familiar with fireworks, but there might be something similar to Actions in PS

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    yeah, creating an action in PS is your best option. Althouh PS is super picky with how you set up an action, it shouldn't be too difficult. If you have PS and haven't installed it, do it now. It is just so darn useful!

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