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    Need your tips with this design please
    Hello all.
    Well as I posted my last design here and got a few members who actually gave me a constructive feedback, therefore I decided to ask a question about my new work.

    Lately I was asked to make the design for this site with deals with regents park serviced apartments, and I really don't know if its good enough.

    As you can assume i'm not concidering myself as a professional designer and not even close, and this is why I'm asking for your help...

    Every comment will be welcomed as always, Thanks!


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    The green theme on that website hurts my eyes.

    Layout is OK though. What exactly have you been asked to design? :S

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    Quote Originally Posted by martyp View Post
    The green theme on that website hurts my eyes.

    Layout is OK though. What exactly have you been asked to design? :S
    completely agree, this sort of green is used on non-trusted websites anyway I too like the layout, simple and straight forward, should be easy to navigate

    but do change the coloring, I understand the choice of green, but I would suggest going a much darker shade of green, maybe even grayish. Imo darker pastel green goes well with shades of gray as a second color and a white background

    any chance of a hover color on the "short lets, serviced apt ..." navigation bar? or a side frame in a different color

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    I have to agree with the previous posters about the green. From what I know of web design, a light colour on a dark background is easiest to read. Now, when I say light colour I don't mean bright yellow. Something subtle like an off-white. This would be the most pleasant for me.
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    To beat the sound out of the drum... the colors...ick. I like the layout though. You could head on over to Adobe's Kuler or Colourlovers to find a more manageable color scheme.

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    I have to agree with the other members about the green color as it's too strong and loud. Avoid using "web safe colors" as this is no longer being practiced by designers. Try to tone down the green, maybe more subtle and cool. I know you mentioned you're not a designer, the layout can still be improve maybe a more web 2.0 look. Just google "web 2.0 web designs" and you will see lots of good designs. Thanks and hope you're having fun designing.

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    Logo is horrible. Did they supply it? You could tidy it up and lose the drop shadow.

    Re. layout, there's no hierachy of information. There are two headlines, slightly different sizes and a many different types of links. What are your primary, secondary and tertiary links?

    Re. details, main type is too large, colours garish (as mentioned) and what are the weird stripes the top and the white teeth on the left?

    You need to nail the brand of the company. There is no corporate identity there at the moment.

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