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    iPhoto - Numbering Of Files
    Anyone notice that when you have files in iPhoto they order them in an odd way.

    For instance I named my files Trip - 1, Trip - 2, Trip 3 ... Trip 11. When it displays the photos by name it will place Trip - 11 after Trip 1 and Trip - 22 after Trip - 2. Does this seem right?

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    Sure, it is organizing by numbers and when it reads "22" it sees the first "2" and then the second "2". Sounds like it is doing exactly what it is being told to do. The only way to change that, and I don't think it exists, is to make that field work on numbers rather than text -- that is what is happening, it is seeing those numbers as text.

    Where are you naming your files? Hopefully not in the library in finder. If so, you will render iPhoto inoperable. It will not be able to find your photos. If you are renaming them prior to importing to iPhoto, you are making a lot of extra work for yourself and duplicating your photos. Just import your photos into iPhoto and organize them there. You can name your "events" "Trip1", etc. if that is how you want to name them. Lots of other options for organizing within the app itself. Should NEVER organize within the finder if you want to use iPhoto app.

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    You can avoid that by naming them 01, 02 and so on...

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