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    moving JPEGS to external HD
    Recently new to mac and liking most things so far but, today I was downloading a RAW file into aperture and everything else (iphoto, preview) then wanted to move it (master) to my external HD. I got this message while trying to--

    Picture could not be saved because write access was not granted.

    The folders and files in the external HD were created with my old PC (XP).

    When I import the files from the external HD they open up in iphoto & aperture no problem but going the other way it doesn't work for some reason.

    Any ideas?

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    The hard drive is formatted in NTFS (the default format for Windows XP/Vista) and OS X only has read access to NTFS volumes. Either reformat in MS-DOS (FAT32) or use a program like Paragon NTFS for Mac to give the Mac full read/write support.
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