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    Saving Photoshopped photos back into iPhoto event
    I'm fairly new to my iMac, so please bear with me if this question seems obvious. When I download my photos from my camera, they go into iPhoto and I create an event or sort them into a pre-existing event. I much prefer to edit my photos using Photoshop, but it seems that when I save each photo, it goes into my iPhoto Library folder called "originals." This folder is difficult to access and the results of my edits are not reflected in my iPhoto event.

    Is there any way for my Photoshopped photos to go back into the iPhoto event that I created? I can't believe I'm saying this, but it seems that it was easier on my PC -- one folder where they were all stored.

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    As far as I know, Preview can open Photoshop documents. You can convert it to a JPEG and then re-import it into iPhoto.

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    In iPhoto preferences, set Photoshop to be your external editor. Then when you click on a photo in iPhoto, Photoshop will open, you can edit, and when you save, the photo will be saved right back were it was.

    Oh, and stay out of the library in finder. Do all you want within the app itself. Apple made the library file in finder so that iPhoto can do its job -- users are not meant to be in there. Corruption and loss will occur if the user does things to his/her photos in the library in finder. Forget that folder is there and only use the app itself.

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