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Thread: Nikon Capture NX 2 question

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    Nikon Capture NX 2 question
    I edited a RAW (NEF) file taken with my Nikon using Capture NX 2 trial software and saved it to my desktop. I then imported it to iPhoto and when it came to opening the picture in iPhoto it seemed to have lost the editing that I had done to it. Is iPhoto not able to show the editing I have undertaken?

    Any help/advice appreciated.

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    As far as I know iPhoto can't read the data that NX2 uses to save the nikon nef's. It's the reason that NX2 can do all of the edit's in a non-destructive matter but if you want iphoto to display properly i think you might have to save in another format. This is one of the reasons I am considering photo mechanic as a photo browser since it reads nikon's raw files so well.

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    Many thanks, I have been playing with the NX 2 save options and found that saving the native NEF file as a JPG and TIFF in NX 2 will allow me to view the image in iPhoto. Bit of a pain having to save two images though

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    Once you do you processing in NX2 you just save it as a .jpg unless you have a lot more retouching to do in PS. I usually just do a batch process in NX2 and save them all as .jpgs to a new folder then delete or move the .nef files to a dvd.

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    save as TIFF's if you can.. they still hold original quality. JPEG is compressed
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