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    New to Mac - ? about Finder vs. iPhoto
    Hi Everyone - I had a question about where to store my photos on my new iMac. I started by setting them up in Iphoto, but found it difficult to use, so I went and set up folders for all my years so I could locate them in the finder. Which is the best or easiest to use? I know there is a learning curve, but heck I find my PC MUCH easier to manuever! Also when I view my pictures in the finder using the viewer on one photo at a time, there are extremely pixelated. Why is this??? Is this due to the higher mp?? I am experiencing this with my photos taken with my D300. Anyways, any input would be great!

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    i'm also not a fan of iphoto - i prefer having direct access to the photos and not having to fight an app over them.

    one thing you'll definitely want to get if you use the old standard of folder browsing for your photos is an app called xee - this is about as close as you'll get to the ol windows picture viewer and can do some minimal photo editing like rotating and cropping.

    find it here: Xee
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    eric, I just tried Xee. It really looks nice and simple, but I have a problem with it. When I open a photo (jpeg), it displays it with less contrast than viewed with Preview or PS. Do you have the same observation? Maybe itīs some setting, any idea?

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    Thank you Eric for that information! I downloaded it

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    is there anyone who would advocate for the Iphoto? and if so why?
    usually if u upload on the finder and iphoto its just taking up space on the computer right?

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    You may want to take a look at Picasa for Mac too.

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