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    Maintaining a logo
    Ok, I have a logo I've created in Photoshop that eventually I'd want to resize, change colors, etc. for future designs. For now, I have a prototype. How exactly do graphic designers go about editing logos without having to re-make them? For example, I have a layer style applied to each letter that I'd hate to have to re-make just because I want to change the size of the logo.

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    generally, logos are made in a vector-based program (illustrator, coreldraw, etc...) that way colors can be changed very easily and it can be resized infinitely. if you have to recreate it, my recommendation would be to recreate the logo in a vector-based program.
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    I second the Vector program use.
    Logos should always be created that way.

    Quote Originally Posted by rsherid View Post
    For example, I have a layer style applied to each letter that I'd hate to have to re-make just because I want to change the size of the logo.
    Now, to clarify, it sounds more like you don't have a logo at all, but rather a logo treatment, or in layman's terms... a gussied-up, fancified-effects laden version of a logo.

    You can still use Photoshop for this, just import your vector object as a smart object first. Size it how you want it and then apply your layer effects and such. (You may have to rasterize it first)

    You will have to do this each time you resize it, so I would recommend doing as much of the treatment in a vector program as you can, so you can leave the scalability intact.
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    +1 for vectoring.

    I use Illustrator as well. Rasterized images distort when resizing, whereas vectored images can be scaled without distortion.

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