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    Unhappy Nikon (.nef) Raw files and iPhoto

    I use iPhoto for managing my photos and have recently stated shooting 2 shots per picture one in jpg and one Nikons nef Raw format.

    Both show up in iphoto with there file extension and size, jpg around 4 meg and nef around 15 which is great because I all I want to do is use iphoto to manage them.

    The problem is when ever I drag a nef file from iPhoto onto my desktop, into another file or into photoshop it is automatically converted into a jpg file !

    If I drag the same file straight off the cameras memory card it stays as a nef file with no problems.

    Anyones help on this would be much appreciated.

    Regards Lee

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    Sorted it guys and girls.

    If you hold down the options key or "alt" as it called when you drag the files, when you drop them it keeps them in the original file extension,


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    Good to know.
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    To comments that are not 100% on the subject:

    There are many situations, not only in iPhoto, where using "shift", "cmnd", "alt" or "cntrl" (or a combination of these) results in a different execution of a command/action/menu option. This is very "MAC" and goes to the early days in the mid '80s.

    When I first moved into digital photo in late 2007 I started shooting NEF+JPG. After a couple of months I found myself with so many images (all of them duplicated) that I ended up in a file management mess... this was before Apperture, Lightroom, iPhoto'09, etc.
    As a result, I now shoot only NEF have an easier time managing photos and can create a JPG any time I need one.
    If you have a smooth approach to manage both formats I am interested in knowing about it.
    Luis Felipe

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