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Thread: Photo posting sites (flickr, Photobucket ect....)

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    Photo posting sites (flickr, Photobucket ect....)
    Does anybody no a site where you can enable or diable the ability for your viewers to drag and drop the image.

    Have photos i want to show to people that are looking onto buying them but can easily drag and drop for free.

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    you could always put a watermark on it or downscale it so that you can see the picture but otherwise it's useless

    maybe if the sight was flash-made it they would have to screencapture to get the picture, but that is definitely not the best way ... I would stick to watermarks or downscaling

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    Why would you want people to be able to get your photo for free?
    Especially if they might buy them?
    Si, hablo Espa˝ol. Oui, je parle franšais. Yes, I speak English.

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    I think what he's trying to say, is that he wants to know of a site that he can DISABLE right-clicking.saving or drag/dropping the image so people DO NOT take his images for free, since he wants to sell them.

    I personally do not know of any that does this. The best would be to put a watermark on it like it was mentioned, or scale the image to a "preview" size, so that in order to have the original picture at the original size, they would then have to purchase them.

    Check out deviantART: where ART meets application! I'm not too sure if you can do this, but I know that you can have it setup so that people can buy your stuff from there, or something along the lines of that.

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    I wouldn't upload anything to photobucket if I were you. If you read their TOS, it basically says that once it is uploaded it is no longer your work. Same thing goes for facebook.

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    Thanks, I ended up giving them away for free since they were photos of my friends at track meet.

    Thanks for all the help!

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    Try SmugMug Photo Sharing. Your photos look better here., I know you can disable right-clicking on that site. I'm not sure if you can disable it for some galleries but not others, I just started using it so I haven't learned all the bells and whistles yet.
    I will be posting my shots from this weekends event I shot (personal, not a paid gig, but some of the parents want to buy the shots from me...)
    also...its a paid site, but the extras might be worth it for you...

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    Thanks for this link.Its cool link.Biu i can't get these free.anyways good job..

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